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A criminal charge, from drunk driving to murder, can have disastrous consequences. Every aspect of your life, from your employment status and your financial stability to your personal relationships and reputation, can be impacted by an accusation. When you are facing charges, don't wait to take action. Contact an attorney to stand by your side.

As a criminal defense attorney since 2010, Nate Johnson understands the importance of collaboration. This is a partnership, and you're in this together. Attorney Johnson's job is to counsel you on the important choices you'll have to make, and then fiercely advocate for you and your constitutional rights. However, you can't make meaningful decisions unless you're given meaningful counsel. Whether you've been accused of a DUI, drug possession, or anything else, Nate Johnson formulates legal strategies with your best interests in mind.

You deserve to move forward. To put you in a position to protect your future and uphold your rights, Johnson Law Firm draws on strong relationships with a number of resources, including Habitat for Humanity, Open Door Food Kitchen, and other civic and volunteer organizations. No matter the charges you are facing, you need the professional commitment of an attorney willing to go the extra mile. You need powerful advocacy committed to you.

The most important thing you can do right now is to reach out for legal guidance. Arrange a free appointment with Johnson Law Firm. Since 2010, Attorney Johnson has been proud to serve and defend clients throughout Missouri, including St. Joseph, Platte City, Savannah, and surrounding areas in both Missouri and Kansas. The sooner you get in touch, the better. Start defending your future and taking your next step forward.

standing up, pushing back, seeking results

You are granted constitutional rights. Everyone is. But these rights don't mean anything unless they are asserted. A decade ago, Attorney Nate Johnson entered the legal practice with a singular aim: pushing back against the forces that threaten to destroy your rights.

At Johnson Law Firm, the practice of law is personal. If you've ever faced law enforcement officers or insurance agencies, you know how meaningless they can make you feel. Without serious voices standing up on behalf of the accused and the injured, the rights of ordinary citizens give way to worse and worse intrusions.

A skilled attorney can help you stand up, push back, and seek results after a personal injury. In the aftermath of a car wreck or motorcycle accident, a personal injury lawyer can help you hold other parties accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, and more. Your recovery will always be the most important factor. Focus on healing, and let Attorney Johnson handle the rest.

No matter the criminal charges you are facing or the injuries you are suffering, let an attorney uphold your rights and protect your freedom. Reach out to Johnson Law Firm in St. Joseph, Missouri, to schedule a free consultation.