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Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in St. Joseph, Missouri

Tractor-trailers are the backbone of our economy. Since the Eisenhower highway system was built, semi-trucks have crisscrossed our highways carrying everything from diapers to fresh fruit. Demand for these products, however, drives greater urgency to get them here faster. However, there's a cost to all this convenience. Can you imagine being late for work carrying an extra eighty thousand pounds strapped to your truck? It's probably pretty hard to stop, huh. That's why tractor-trailers are required to carry more insurance. However, more doesn't always mean better. Insurance adjusters move up the ladder by paying you less money. That's why it makes sense to hire a lawyer and beat 'em at their own game. Don't settle for less. Call Johnson Law Firm for a free consultation.

Don't Settle for Less