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Beginning Stages of a Criminal Case

April 10, 2023

The very beginning of a criminal case begins with an investigation. For most misdemeanors and felonies, this involves either a policeman, sheriff's deputy, or highway patrolman actually witnessing the commission of a crime. Picture the last speeding ticket you got. There was a law enforcement officer who watched it happen. They didn't gather physical evidence, contact witnesses, or visit your home to see if you had anything to say. They physically saw you break the law and wrote you a ticket.

That's not the case for most serious crimes. Investigators often have their work cut out for them before the hand the fruits of the investigation over to the prosecuting attorney's office. This may take weeks or even months. And, mark my words, they're going to want your side of the story too. This is how they gather 9 out of 10 of their confessions. You might not even think you're giving them a confession. But, believe me. Prosecutors are very tricky when it comes to twisting your words into something you didn't really mean. So, don't make their jobs any easier than they need to be. Let the investigators turn their file over to the prosecutor with zero statements from you, the accused. I guarantee it will complicate the State's charging decision - and that's a good thing.