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WARRANTS: What Should You Do?

July 29, 2021

When a criminal case gets filed, the court will do one of two things: issue a warrant or mail you a summons. If you get a summons in the mail, then great. You know when to show up to court and it's basically on you if you choose to screw that part up. However, if the court issues a warrant, you won't know when your court date is because the justice system doesn't trust you to manage your own case. In fact, they won't schedule a date until you either run a stop sign, get picked up, or turn yourself in.

So, what should you do? Waiting to get pulled over seems irresponsible but turning yourself in is scary too. Especially when bond is either denied or too expensive for your budget. Plus, how are you going to afford a lawyer once you've spent your savings bonding out of jail?

As strange as it sounds, the answer is simple. Call your lawyer. The bond amount originally set by the court doesn't have to stay that way. Your lawyer can file a motion to change it and the judge will listen. More often than not, your willingness to brave the unknown at that hearing will show the judge everything she needs to know. Taking charge of your case won't just look good in the moment, it will most certainly reflect positively upon you later when it really counts. Give me a call so we can strategize your first appearance in court.