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WARRANTS: What Should You Do?

When a criminal case gets filed, the court will do one of two things: issue a warrant or mail you a summons. If you get a summons in the mail, then great. You know when to show up to court and it's basically on you if you choose to screw that part up. However, if the court issues a warrant, you won't know when your court date is because the justice system doesn't trust you to manage your own case.

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DWIs: Should I Give a Breath or Blood Sample?

I've heard a lot of myths out there masquerading as legal advice regarding whether or not to blow. If you've spent enough time at the pub, I'm sure you've heard them too. I once heard someone say, "As soon as you get pulled over, step out of the car and chug a flask of whiskey. That way, they won't be able to prove you were drunk while driving." This is obviously bad advice and I don't recommend that anyone try it.

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